Top 10 Extreme Sports to Add to Your Bucket List

For some people, life is all about testing the limits and reaching new heights. So, if you’re one for getting the adrenaline pumping on an adventure, then look no further. We’ve pulled together a list of 10 extreme sports that you need to add to your bucket list. Note: we may not be able to provide cover for all the below sports but highly recommend that you buy suitable travel insurance prior to any trip. When taking part in high-risk sports and activities, taking out reliable cover means you can enjoy every thrill knowing you are fully protected in the event of an injury, accident or otherwise.

1. Sea Cliff Climbing

Sea Cliff Climbing can be an unforgettable, addictive experience which is sure to get the blood pumping. The extreme sport involves rock climbing above the sea using a harness and static rope. The added thrill of being above the water is described as rewarding and thrilling all at once. Depending on the level you’re at there is plenty of cliff climbing courses starting from indoor climbing courses for beginners and sea cliff climbing courses for those who are more experienced climbers. Some of the most popular destinations for this sport include Cornwall, Pembroke, Devon, North Wales, Costa Blanca and Muzzerone. With some of the best sea-cliff climbing destinations right here in the UK, you’re in for a treat if you enjoy climbing a rocky route. Due to the reliable low tides and the high risks involved, we’d only suggest embarking on this type of venture if you are an experienced climber (and have suitable travel insurance in place, of course). 

2. Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding (also known as dirt boarding or off-road boarding) is a mixture between snowboarding and skating – but on land. It’s an exhilarating activity that can take part on all different types of terrain. From grass tracks to dirt roads and pavements, you can typically learn and take part in mountain boarding almost anywhere, in any weather.

While the concept of mountain boarding is relatively straightforward, it does take extreme skill to remain balanced and embark in higher terrains which is why having protection in place is essential. A good way to begin learning is to practice away from high cliffs to prevent injury. Attempting jumps and other tricks for the first time is recommend in the presence of a professional instructor, that way you can be sure that you’re learning the correct way to perform different stunts and minimise the chance of injuries.

3. Kiting

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding (also names for kiting) is an exhilarating activity that only requires wind, a board and a large kite to take part. It uses the power of wind to move across water, although, you can kitesurf on all different types of surfaces, including water, land and snow. The activity itself sounds relatively straightforward but it takes extreme skill to keep balanced and upright on the board against the winds. Some of the best destination to practice kiting in the UK include, Norfolk, Cornwall, Southend, Blackpool and Brighton. There are also plenty of water sports lessons that teach kiteboarding. For example, Get Kite Boarding offers intro lessons for beginners and 2-hour lessons for those that want to accelerate your progression. Professional courses and lessons are a good way to perfect your skills before planning any extreme sport adventures abroad. If you do, travel insurance is especially important given the risks of falling off the board at great speeds.

4. Wakeboard / Water Skiing

Wakeboarding is an extreme, adrenaline-inducing water sport that requires you to be fastened to a board and attached to the back of a motorboat by a long cable. The motorboat then reaches speeds of around 50 km per hour, speeding you through the waves. The water sport takes a fair amount of practice to get the hang of, but is known to be one of the fastest extreme sports to pick up, once you’ve learned the basics. Some of the best areas to learn and practice in the UK include Basildon Aqua Park, JB Waterki And Wakeboard Center in Surrey and Blackpool Wake Park.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or pro, it is important to make sure you take out travel insurance that protects you for this level of activity. Wakeboarding is a high-risk sport with high speeds and hard surfaces of water so it’s best to have the right protection in place in case of any accidents or damage to your equipment.


Extreme Pogo, otherwise known as Xpogo, is an action sport which involves riding Xpogo sticks and performing tricks and stunts in the air. It is a relatively new sport, but with Xpogo world championships and YouTube figures promoting the activity, the sport has started gaining popularity among those daring enough to give it a go. Some stunts performed during these types of events include jumping over obstacles and performing backflips. Some Xpogo YouTuber accounts that showcase these skills include Vurtegopogo, Devinsupertramp and Xpogo if you fancy giving them a watch. When performing extreme stunts, risks are high for accidents and injuries, so again, it is vital to have the right insurance when taking part in competitions or even practicing your skills.

6. Shark Diving

If you like to live life on the edge and are intrigued to see what the deep blue sea has to offer, then this one is for you. Sharking diving is where you are lowered into the sea in a cage with either a snorkel or full-blown diving tank to help you breathe under water, allowing you to get up close and personal with sharks swimming by under the sea. The bars of the cage prevent the sharks from getting too close to you, meaning you can see the creatures up close without being in harms way. If you’re looking to have a thrilling experience on your next adventure and take part in shark diving, it is vital to take out travel insurance that will cover you for any emergencies. Although it is unlikely for you to come in to direct contact with the sharks, risks are involved and accidents have occurred when the cage is in motion. You can get cover with us here at DOGTAG for professionally supervised shark diving. However, you must wear and use protective safety equipment and be within 12 nautical miles of the coastline.

You can find out more about our specialist extreme sports travel insurance here.

7. Base Jumping

Base jumping is a recreational sport that consists of jumping off fixed objects using a parachute, so that you don’t fall to the ground. Extreme base jumpers take on thrill-seeking jumps from things such as buildings, bridges and cliffs, as a few examples. During the fall the jumpers parachute fills with air allowing them to reach up to 140 miles per hour. Base jumping is a lot lower to the ground than traditional parachuting and therefore requires jumpers to open their parachutes a lot quicker to land safely. Base jumping is more high risk than traditional parachuting so it is important to have the right protection in place before taking part. It is also recommended that training takes place before base jumping of extreme heights. You can learn to base jump here in the UK using extreme sort courses such as The Base School.

8. Wing Walking

This one is not one for the faint hearted. Wing walking is one the most extreme activities you can take part in, allowing you to take to the skies standing on top of an aeroplane wing! Yeah, you read that right. The extreme sport started in the 1920’s at air shows to showcase the planes balance and stability. Due to a low altitude, a parachute isn’t used but the walker is secured in by harness and cable. You can book wing walking experiences guided by professionals or practice and expand your skills with more advanced wing walking courses. UK companies such as Into The Blue and The Wing Walking Company provide a variety of options depending on your level of experience. As this sport is voted as one the riskiest activities, it is vital to make sure you have specialist cover in place so you can take to the sky knowing you are protected.

9. White Water Rafting

This recreational outdoor sport uses an inflatable raft to tackle rocky rivers and fast flowing waters. Although rafts are known nowadays to be quite sturdy, rafting in rapid waters can be more thrilling than you’d expect due to the unexpected sharp turns and rough dips in the rivers current. In the UK, you can experience water rafting all year round. Some of the greatest white water rafting experiences take place in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Companies such as Into The Blue offer rafting experiences in some of he finest natural and man-made waters of the UK. Find out more here. To take part in extreme activities such as water rafting, it is important to make sure your insured with reliable protection to keep you covered against the unexpected.

10. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a lot like rock climbing but has you gripping onto icy surfaces using crampon grips, picks and ropes instead. It is classed as an extreme sport that is known to have climbers take on steep vertical inclines – which can really get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you’re competing or casually ice climbing for the thrill of it, the icy cold surfaces create added risks. We provide protection for ice climbing under our ‘Extreme Plus’ policy at DOGTAG and you must wear and use protective safety equipment when taking part in this activity.

So, that completes our top 10 extreme sports to add to your bucket list. So, if you’re up for trying something new and ticking another extreme sport (or two) off your list, then it’s always wise to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance protection in place.

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