How to Claim

If you have a claim, especially for a medical incident, we want to make the experience of making a claim as hassle-free as possible. If you feel that you want to call us for advice on making a claim then the number to call is 0203 829 6761. Just ask to be put through to the claims department. Our claims are handled by our underwriter's in-house service Travel Claims Facilities

You can help.

Sometimes a travel claim can involve more than one type of cost and the business of making a claim can include the gathering of information about that claim. Most often you will be the person best able to help with that and you might save yourself some time and frustration if you gather together all of the documentation or information that you're likely to be asked for. This might include things like:

        • Information about your policy:
          • Your policy number - this will begin TF followed by six digits, probably beginning with a 2.
          • Your tag number.
          • the master policy number. This is quoted on the front page of the policy booklet pertaining to the period during which you were insured. You can find this HERE.
        • The relevant claim form. Our claims are handled by our underwriters' close associate, Travel Claims Facilities. Claim forms are available HERE. or you can find specific forms as follows:
          • Cancellation • Medical Expenses • Cutting short your trip • Personal possessions, money or travel documents • Departure delay, Abandonment or Piste closure • Personal Accident • Personal Liability • Access to Medical Records •
        • All receipts relevant to the claim. This would included things like unavoidable purchases that you had to make for things that were lost or stolen and covered under the terms of your policy.
        • In the case of a medical claim, as well as receipts for treatment, any doctor's reports.
        • Any documentary evidence of contact with the police if you have had anything lost or stolen.
        • Documents pertaining to your trip abroad such as travel tickets and accommodation.

We may ask you to send us some of this information in the post. You can write to us at:

Dogtag Ltd
tifgroup claims

1 Tower View
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4UY

Excess Charges

In many cases, a claim may be subject to excess charges. An excess charge is the amount of a claim that you are prepared to pay yourself and is common to most insurance types; you're car or household insurances will similarly be subject to excess charges. Excess charges help to mitigate the cost of settling claims and help to keep premiums lower than they otherwise would be.

A summary of cover and any associated excess charges can be viewed on our Cover page.