24 Hours Pivot 24:12 Race at Newnham Park

Dogtag Blogger Hannah Attenburrow reports on her first ever 24 hour solo MTB race. Read on to find out how she got on!

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A Double Extreme Marathon in Namibia then Mongolia

Earlier this year Audrey completed a double extreme marathon event in the Namibian desert in +36 degrees celsius, and a week later in the Mongolian steppe in -32 degrees. It's a testament to her mental grit, physical fitness, and her 'throw yourself in there' attitude to adventure. Read how she got on! 

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The Grand Raid des Pyrenees 2017

Dogtag blogger Jonathan Baguley took part in the 2017 Grand Raid des Pyrenees; a 120km mountain ultramarathon in Saint-Lary Soulon in the Pyrenees. Have a read of how he got on and get an insight into the race itself.

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The French Alps, An Alpine Adventure

Dave Somerset checks in with his most recent trip to the French Alps. Lots of sport and adventure, and with baby in tow! 

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Rumble in the Jungle 2017 - Race Report

“Do you fancy going out to Sri Lanka for The Rumble?” was a bolt out of the blue from my friend, the Race Director at Yak Attack, Phil Evans. “In fact, we’re going out three weeks early to recce the trails if you fancy that too?” was his second question.

“Erm… not sure. I’d like to… err… stuff it, yeah” My initial hesitation was due to the fact that I had an impending shoulder operation (which I’ve been putting off for four years) and really I needed to get it done. However, the “stuff it” principle (or similar words) came into effect and bypassed any modicum of common sense.

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