Dogtag Supports Successful Mission Himalaya 2018

On 11 November 2018 a team of serving military wounded, injured and sick (WIS) personnel and veterans succeeded in summiting Mera Peak in the Himalayas, marking the centenary of the end of the First World War and honouring all those who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

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The Scenic Trail in Ticino Switzerland - Jon Baguley - Dogtag Blogger

Three years ago in 2015, I ran my first ever mountain ultra-marathon. It was the 54km route at the Scenic Trail in Ticino Switzerland, and at that time, is was the second hardest race (behind Ironman Wales) I had ever done. It took about 9 hours in hot and humid conditions, and I distinctly remember finishing the race and saying to myself “never again”. Well, not necessarily never again (we all know how that works out), but certainly not for a while. I also vividly saying to my friends and family that I had absolutely no desire whatsoever in running twice that distance. No way mate.

Fast forward to June 2018, I’m back in the same village where it all began; Tesserete in Ticino.

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Cheerleaders Need Insurance Cover Too

DOGTAG is well known for covering extreme sports from ultramarathon running in events like the Marathon des Sables and downhill mountain biking in events like the Megavalanche. But it’s not just the hairy, extreme sports that we cover, we also cover gymnastic sports of all sorts, sports that involve some pretty extreme moves in their own right.

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Getting Active with Kids

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging kids and teens to be active from a young age sets good habits early on and helps them develop the skills they need to stay active throughout their lives. Take some advice from Hannah, a kids cycling coach, on how to get started.

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Ultrarunning - When it all goes ‘a bit Pete Tong’

We know the saying: ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’ and this is particularly true for the ultra-runner and adventure racer. Somewhat ironically, you also need to plan for when things do not go to plan. Here are a few a few tips.

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