Stag Party Travel Insurance

Stag Party Travel Insurance 2

We often get asked whether we can provide travel insurance for stag parties. Well the answer is a simple ‘Yes’.

Ok, we realise that not everybody does their extreme sport on the field of play and we know thaat some of what you plan to do on your stag trip might look extreme.

There’s a bunch of you!?

Blimey! But that’s ok, we can easily insure a whole bunch of guys on a stag weekend and if the number’s right then we might be able to arrange some discount for you – you only have to ask. Why not drop us a line at with your numbers, your dates and destination and what you’ll be getting up to (sport-wise – we don’t want to know the rest) and we’ll see what we can do help you along the way to getting your stag party travel insurance sorted out.

A final word

Look, one thing stag party travel insurance can’t insure you against is failing to get the groom to his beloved in time for the wedding because you’ve broken him or left him under a table somewhere so please, do look after the poor sod.

Stag Party Travel Insurance

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