Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

If your idea of a holiday is walking, rambling, hiking or trekking up the likes of Kilimanjaro then we’ve got the cover just for you. Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro for the first or fiftieth time, you must make sure you have suitable travel insurance in place to protect you from any mishaps that might happen along the way.

Find out more about the protection our Kilimanjaro policies offer below and get a quote today.

Some of the cover available to you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses including bringing you home if it is medically necessary.
  • Automatic policy extension if you can’t travel home as planned due to reasons covered by the policy which can be found in your policy wording
  • Cover for lost or stolen baggage
  • Worldwide, European and UK cover, provided you do not travel against the FCDO* advice
  • Plus much, much more!

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance to Climb Kilimanjaro?

Although Kilimanjaro isn’t a very steep or technical ascent, the summit rises to an almost Himalayan height, higher by quite a bit than Everest Base Camp. High altitudes can be dangerous, especially if you are not fit enough, inexperienced or have no knowledge of the terrain, this is where accidents could happen and your travel insurance steps in.

What Cover Do I Need to Climb Kilimanjaro?

If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro then you will need to select our specialist Super Extreme Policy. This is because of the risks involved and we want you to be protected should the unexpected happen along the way!

Can I Get Cover to Climb Kilimanjaro as a Group?

Yes! One thing to also consider! If you plan on trekking up Kilimanjaro with a known tour operator and will be accompanied by a guide, then make sure that your guide will is fully qualified and has experience in helping with altitude sickness. It’s also important that they carry resuscitation devices – just in case!

When does Cancellation Cover Start on my policy?

If you buy a Single Trip policy you are covered for cancellation at the point of purchase, regardless of the travel dates. For example, if you are travelling in November and purchase your single trip in April, you are automatically covered for the cost of cancellation from April until your departure date.

If you go for an Annual Multi-trip policy, cancellation cover does not start until the policy that you have purchased becomes live. For example, if you purchase your policy on the 1st May and your policy does not have the start date until the 10th May, you are not insured for cancellation until the start date of your policy. We recommend that you start your cover as close to the purchase date as possible for extra protection against any unexpected events.

*Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office