Canoeing Insurance

kayaking travel insuranceDogtag can provide both canoeing and kyaking travel insurance cover - everything from Sea Kayaking to White Water Kayaking.

We provide general canoeing travel insurance cover and, more specifically, kyaking travel insurance cover.

Travel insurance cover for canoeing is defined by underwriters as simply canoeing but not white-water activity. White-water activity falls under our Kyaking cover and is graded. So, if it's simple 'canoeing' travel cover or sea kayaking cover you need then the sports and activity cover you'll need will be our Sport-level of cover.

If you intend to go in for white-water kayaking then you'll need to chose from the Sports list as follows:

  • Kayaking (up to Grade 2) - You need to select Sport as your sport cover level
  • Kayaking (up to Grade 3) - You need to select Sport+ as your sport cover level
  • Kayaking (up to Grade 4) - You need to select Extreme as your sport cover level
  • Kayaking (up to Grade 5) - You need to select Extreme+ as your sport cover level

You can find some other useful information regarding sports that we cover in our Sports Information Library.


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