Golf Travel Insurance

Planning a golfing holiday sometime soon? Here at DOGTAG, we cater for keen sports enthusiasts needing travel insurance for their next sporting adventure. Whether your idea of a golfing trip is a weekend away in Spain, or even a more luxurious long-haul break to the Caribbean, then we’re likely to have the cover that will suit your needs.

Before you go on your golfing trip, we want to make sure you understand why you need insurance when on the golf course – and the cover we have available to protect you on your travels.

To get cover for your next golf holiday simply select ‘golf’ as the activity you’ll be taking part in during the quote process and we’ll automatically show you the sporting level that will cover your adventure – simple!

Some of the cover available to you:

At DOGTAG, all of our single and annual multi trip policies include cover for events that may happen during any holiday, for example, lost or damaged luggage, emergency medical costs and trip cancellation. More specifically, the policies we offer include:

  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance team
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses, including bringing you home if it is medically necessary
  • Cancellation cover
  • Cover for your personal belongings

Along with this base level cover, by selecting golfing and the golfing extension during the quote process, you will make sure you are covered for any events that may occur during your golfing trip. For example, protection for lost, damaged or stolen golf equipment, and over for loss of green fees due to illness or injury if you have a valid claim under the ‘Cancelling Your Trip’ or ‘Cutting Short Your Trip’ Section of your main policy.

What does the golf extension specifically include?

The golf travel insurance policy includes an array of benefits specific to a golfing trip including lost, damaged or stolen equipment and loss of green fees should there be a disruption, as well as what is included in a standard policy. The policy add on specifically includes:

  • Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen equipment
  • Hiring equipment in the event of lost, damaged, or stolen equipment
  • If your unable to play for a reason such as an unexpected injury
  • Cover for loss of green fees if unable to play

Along with this, if you opt for a golf extension you will also be covered by the base cover policy for your travels. This includes things such as lost, damaged or stolen luggage, emergency medical costs and trip cancellation.

What will golfing travel insurance extension not cover?

Although a golfing travel insurance policy includes cover for an array of different things, including lost damaged or stolen equipment and loss of green fees, it won’t however, cover for the following:

  • If you have travelled against government restrictions
  • If you are travelling against medical advice
  • If you have not disclosed your full medical history
  • If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the time of an incident that later led to a claim
  • For more information on what circumstances are and are not covered under a DOGTAG travel insurance policy, click here.

Why do I need specific cover for golf during my holiday?

It is important to let us know if you’re travelling to play golf during your holiday. This is because, should anything unexpected happen during your trip related to your golfing adventure, causing you to make a claim, you’ll need the right cover in place. For example, you may need to hire golf equipment, should your equipment be lost, stolen or damaged as well as replace the equipment.

How much does golf travel insurance cost?

The cost of a travel insurance policy with cover for golf will vary depending on the level of cancellation cover you choose, as well as any additional activities you plan on taking part in during your adventure. The length of your trip, any medical conditions you have, your age, and your trip destination will also play a part in the overall policy price.

Golf is, of course, a fairly low risk sport in comparison to some other activities that we cover here at DOGTAG. Therefore, the activity falls into our lowest sporting level of cover – DOGTAG Sport. To make sure you have the appropriate cover for your golfing adventure, simply select golf as an activity at the beginning of the quote process, and we’ll show you the level of sports cover which best suits your trip.

Please note that you’ll also be covered for any other sports covered under the DOGTAG Sport policy. If you would like to check what else is included under this sporting level, please click here.

Can I buy golf cover with a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, in most cases you can! At DOGTAG, we don’t believe that having a medical condition should stop you from enjoying a holiday playing golf.

That being said, it is essential that you let us know about any medication that you take, along with any medical conditions you may have, during the quote process to make sure full cover is in place. In order for us to have the best picture of your overall health and, where possible, offer travel insurance protection, we will ask you a few questions about your medical history during the online quote. However, if you would prefer to discuss your medical history over the phone, then please call our friendly customer service team.

Please note, failure to let us know about any existing medical conditions could lead to a claim being declined later down the line, should the claim itself be related to an undeclared medical history.

What destinations does golf travel insurance cover?

At DOGTAG, our travel insurance policies offer cover for most destinations in the world! Simply select where you are going to play golf during the quote process and we will automatically select the destination group that it falls into.

If you are planning to travel to more than one destination throughout the year (and need an annual multi trip policy) simply click here to check the geographical zone(s) that your planned destinations fall into! If your destinations fall into different or multiple geographical zones, there may be an additional cost, but we’ll work that out for you!

When should I buy golf travel insurance?

Ideally, you should buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. The reason travel insurance is so important to have in place as soon as you’ve booked your trip is because if something were to happen before you went away, which meant that you needed to cancel the trip, you would be covered for the reasons listed under your policy. You can see the reasons covered for trip cancellation in the policy wordings here.

It is important to note that you aren’t covered for any cancellation reasons until you have purchased the policy and have the cover in place.

We will cover cancellation from the date of purchase for single trip policies, and the start date of the policy for the annual multi trip policies.

What level of cover do I need for golf travel insurance?

Golf travel insurance is covered under the DOGTAG Sport cover level. To ensure this cover is in place, simply select ‘golf’ as the activity you’ll be participating in during the quote process and we’ll automatically show you the sporting levels most suitable to your trip. You’ll then need to select the most suitable level of cancellation cover applicable to your adventure (base, pro or max).

Remember, you will also be covered for any sports within the same level of cover! To see the other sports and activities we cover please click here.

Can I buy an annual multi trip for golf travel insurance?

Of course! Typically, an annual multi trip policy offers better value for money if you are planning on travelling more than once within 12 months. It also saves you from having to get a new quote each time that you go on holiday for that year!

If you need to change or amend your policy at any point, the customer service team will be happy to help! To contact them, you can do so via the live chat by clicking here (available 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday), or alternatively by using our contact us page.

Are golf clubs covered on travel insurance?

Yes – if you take out the golf extension! Make sure to select ‘golf’ as the activity you will be taking part in during your travels at the beginning of the quote process, so that we can offer you the correct cover for your trip.

§ Coronavirus cover includes cover if you need to cancel within 14 days of your trip or curtail your trip early as a result of a positive COVID test, and cover for medical expenses related to a coronavirus diagnosis during your trip. Any further cover can be purchased within the optional COVID-19 Extension. More information can be found here.