Extreme Sports Insurance

We often get asked if we provide Extreme Sports Travel Insurance. Well, the short answer to that is ehm… yes, probably. But there's probably no such thing as Extreme Sports … at least in the minds of the people that do them and certainly, there's no clear definition.

The problem is that the expression 'extreme sports' was more-or-less coined by the media and has grown into an ad-hoc category of sports and activities that are perceived as carrying progressively higher levels of risk, danger and suicide potential. You can tell by the media vocabulary: words like 'adrenalin rush', 'adrenaline junkie' and 'radical' pepper any article or programme dealing with 'Extreme Sports' so that we're more or less expecting to see somebody get mangled. Hmm…

Well, you can imagine how appealing that sort of thing is to an insurance underwriter; the guy that carries the risk: a broad spectrum product like 'Extreme Sports Travel Insurance' would entitle the customer to expect that he or she is covered to do anything that's daft, risky or downright dangerous. Happily, we don't provide a product or cover level specifically called Extreme Sports Travel Insurance. Phew! However, as you'll see below, we do list many "extreme sports".

Some descriptionHow does Dogtag define things?

So what do DOGTAG actually do about Extreme Sports? Well the directors of DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance started the company because as skiers, mountaineers, mountain bikers and windsurfers they couldn't satisfy themselves that the travel insurance products then on the market would cover them for the things they wanted to do. In fact, the whole DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance philosophy came about when one of us couldn't provide proof of insurance to French medics after a serious off-piste skiing accident and consequently couldn't get treatment.

Dogtag, with the help of our underwriters, was the first to create a sensible Sports List, It's a massive list of sports and activities which we cover. I you click here you'll be taken back to the Sports page where you'll see four columns of sports, the majority of which (even some so-called 'extreme' sports) fall into our default Sport level of cover that you get with any policy - a huge category.

Others are categorised Sport+, Extreme or Extreme+ and we even have another level, SuperExtreme reserved for things like trans-continental marathon running and other mad stuff and which you can't buy without approaching us with some of your expedition's details. You need to have a carefull look at the Sports List to make sure that you choose the right level of cover. Sport+ and Extreme or Extreme+ cover you for all of the sports in that particular section plus the sports in the lower levels. Nowadays we have a sport selector in the Quote section which, if you type in your sport, will select the correct sport cover level for you.

So, aside from being able to prove to other people (like a clinic in France) that you're insured and also provide vital personal and medical information, importantly, even before you buy DOGTAG you'll be able to prove to yourself that you're covered for whatever sports you expect to undertake when you're abroad.

Have fun, stay safe and come back in one piece.


The Dogtag crew

You can find some other useful information regarding sports that we cover in our Sports Information Library.


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