Canoeing & Kayaking Insurance

Some descriptionDogtag is well known for insuring mainstream sports like skiing and mountain biking but over the years we’ve also become known as the travel insurer of choice for a whole host of so-called ‘minority sports’, one of which is the broad gamut of technical water sports that falls under the banner of canoeing and kayaking. In short, if you’re wondering, yes we do provide canoeing and kayaking travel insurance.

As with many sports, there are different types of canoeing and kayaking and some of those have different levels of challenge requiring different levels of expertise. They also require different levels of canoeing and kayaking cover so let’s take a look at what needs what in terms of canoeing & kayaking holiday travel insurance.

Lakes and Rivers (excluding white water)

There’s no doubt that whether you’re an avid regular canoeist or simply wish to try this while you’re on holiday, lake and rive canoeing is one of the most calm and mentally relaxing experiences you can have. Silently gliding through calm waters gives you the chance to take in the air, enjoy the scenery and even sneak up on wildlife who don’t expect humans to come from the water. Because this is the least risky of all types of canoeing and kayaking, to get covered for you canoeing holiday travel insurance, all you need to do is choose Dogtag Sport, our default level of cover.

White Water Kayaking Travel Insurance

Anybody who has watched white water canoeing and kayaking at the Olympic sports on telly can easily see that it’s not a sport for the faint of heart. It’s also a sport that you’ll have to grow into and that there will be different levels of difficulty and consequently, different levels of risk. At the very top of the sport, people can get hurt so it’s logical that if there are different levels of risk, then there should be different levels of kayaking travel insurance. All we do is simply grade the white water kayaking travel insurance to match the grade of white water you’re going to take on.

If you intend to go in for white-water kayaking holiday travel insurance then you’ll need to choose from the Sports list as follows:

• Kayaking (White water – up to Grade 3) = Sport Policy
• Kayaking (White water – up to Grade 4 & 5) = Sport+ Policy
• Kayaking (White water – above Grade 5) – Excluded – we’re afraid that we can’t get underwriters to cover this.

Other types of canoeing and kayaking:

Sea Canoeing or Sea Kayaking

As a way to enjoy the coasts of Britain and Europe and to get close to the wildlife, sea kayaking is becoming more and more popular. We view this as a relatively safe sport, providing you stay Inshore (within 12 nautical miles of the coastline), so if you need sea kayaking insurance, we can cover it under the standard default sport level of Sport.

You can find some other useful information regarding sports that we cover in our Sports Information Library.


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