Best Health and Fitness Spa Retreats

At DOGTAG®, our customers love to go the extra mile and push the limits when it comes to extreme sports That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the best health and fitness spa retreats across the world, for when it comes to letting your body recover and having some well-needed down time.

Studies show that incorporating self-care into a busy routine can have multiple benefits to future performance as an athlete or sportsperson. Strenuous activities are a part of many of our customers daily routine, so it’s sensible for them to take a well-deserved break, rest their bodies, recover and detox, as without the appropriate amount of sleep, hydration and recovery routine, it can be difficult for the body to maintain the results or level of performance many aim to achieve. So, if you’re someone who likes to travel to do sport and are in need of some R&R, these luxury health and fitness retreats make the perfect self-care holidays. Action-minded travellers can incorporate relaxation with health and fitness so they achieve more on their next extreme adventure. Take on a mid-adventure break or book yourself a holiday dedicated to self-care with these top-rated health and fitness spa retreats:

The SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain

To help you optimise your health, the SHA Wellness Clinic offers health programmes to enhance your quality of life and improve your physical and mental well-being. Their advanced detox programme helps give a deep cleanse of the body, eliminate stress hormones and build healthy habits. The 7–14-day programme is recommended for those who want to learn new habits that they can take into their everyday lives. The clinic makes the perfect wellness retreat for those that push their bodies to new extremes when it comes to sporting activities. With additional wellness, rejuvenation and detox programmes the retreat gives surfers, footballers, golfers, climbers, bikers and many other sports persons the chance to enter deep relaxation to help the body recover from their busy lifestyles.

The Euphoria Retreat in Greece

The Euphoria Retreat is hidden in Southern Greece and specialises in physical and mental well-being. When you arrive, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities, foods and treatments. Their nutritional guides and health plans provide all the tools you need to implement a healthy eating plan back home. For active people, a healthy diet is vital for optimised energy and performance. The methods used have a holistic approach and have been designed to help you keep relatively active during your stay, while still giving your body some downtime. This retreat lets you enjoy ultimate R&R time and features indoor/outdoor pools, gym access, multiple relaxation areas and much more! You can enjoy all this surrounded by Mediterranean mountains and get rejuvenated for your next active adventure.

The Ranch Italy

Experience this transformational wellness retreat and get a professional review of your overall health and well-being. World-class physicians at this retreat provide diagnostic blood testing designed to increase vitality and get an overall view of your current health. This is so that a daily fitness schedule can be created to suit your individual needs. All guests get to experience a personalised combination of fitness classes, morning hikes, deep tissue massages and much more. The Ranch in Italy is situated in a historical building and boasts some of Italy’s most naturalistic areas. The program and staff are dedicated to helping improve your overall health and quality of life with diagnostic testing and medical consultations, making it the perfect retreat for those that travel often to take part in sports.

The Sianji Well-Being Resort

This detox retreat is designed by specialists to improve your health and well-being. The staff do careful examinations and tailor the whole experience based on your personal needs. From massages for tired muscles, to spa treatments for aches and pains, the Sianji resort provides an all-rounded luxury experience. For those that still want to take part in activities, the retreat offers nature walks, meditation, gymnastics, windsurfing, basketball and more (so you can still keep active while you unwind). With a wide variety of health screenings, detox meals and treatments at the Muu Spa, you can return home feeling fully refreshed and ready to achieve more personal bests on your next sporting adventure. 

For action-minded people, spa retreats can provide additional motivation to keep up with their active lifestyles. It can also provide a healthy change in routine to help those who are on the go most of the time to slow down and take some much-needed recovery and downtime. The mental and physical restoration time means you can return home to continue beating new personal bests and take on more extreme adventures. 

Once your body is rested and recuperated, we’re here to protect you on your next extreme sports adventure! At DOGTAG®, we provide action-minded travel insurance that delivers total peace of mind. Browse our various cover levels and activities here: