Snowsport by BASI has closed

Snowsport by BASI


Thank you for your interest in Snowsport Insurance by BASI

BASI, the British Association of Snowsport Instructors has decided to focus its insurance provision entirely upon the needs of its members, professional snowsport instructors. Because Snowsport Insurance by BASI was originally concieved as a winter sports program aimed more specifically at recreational skiers and boarders, BASI has asked DOGTAG to step in and replace the service.

DOGTAG is the UK's leading provider of sport-oriented travel insurance and we expect to be able to provide you with the sme high levels of service and competitive prices that you will have enjoyed in the past from Snowsport by BASI. Just click on one of the grey buttons on the top left of this page to get an instant quote.


If you have arrived here looking for insurance for a BASI or BASI affiliated GAP or ski instructor's course then you should go direct to the BASI Members' site where the 'Associate Membership' you will have been given by your course organiser when registering on your course will allow you access. There you can acquire the correct insurance for an instructor course.

Dave Rice, DOGTAG

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