Some early preparation will stand you in good stead.

We think about things like Insurance when we think that things are at risk: your home, your car and especially, yourself and your family. That's why when we travel we think about Travel Insurance and Dogtag is unique in its approach: not only do we give you a choice of travel cover options from which you can suit your personal needs, we also give you a system whereby you can travel with your insurance and your emergency medical information on you at all times - let's face it, you don't go surfing with your insurance documents in your swimsuit.

Now travel or trip insurance isn't the only safety-first option that we need to grab before we travel; we also need to think about taking ownership of our own  wellbeing.

Traveling abroad

Foreign travel these is days is, by and large, safe. We get the heebie jeebies about foreign climes because we read so much bad news in the press about war and civil unrest but that, in point of fact, is what makes foreign travel safe – you know which parts of the globe are going to be safe and which aren’t. Look at it from our grandparents’ point of view: many of them had to ship off to foreign parts without any real up to date information about the peacefulness of our intended destination. We’re lucky, we can find out and if you’re going on vacation, your tour operator isn’t likely to suggest a spot of sunbathing in Iraq or a ski holiday in the tribal homelands of Pakistan.  Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to give some thought to your own personal wellbeing before you travel abroad; things can happen even in the most mind-numbingly boring places.

Some descriptionKnow before you go, travel safety

As it happens our respective governments have also given some thought to this sort of thing and both the US and UK governments have websites dedicated to giving advice on safe travel and they’re both well worth a visit regardless of which country you’re from; they’re both called ‘Know Before You Go’.

Y’know, we sometimes forget that the US and UK are the two most influential countries in the world, not always the most appreciated but certainly the most respected and with the greatest collective intelligence on foreign affairs so why not have a look at the resources that they make available for their citizens when traveling abroad

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