Ski Travel Insurance


Ski Travel Insurance

Whether you’re a first-time or life-long skier, getting the right winter sports travel insurance to protect you and your trip is essential. With the increased possibility of collisions and falls (not forgetting the cost of ski equipment), having suitable ski cover on your travel insurance policy can help to make sure you’re covered both on and off the mountain.

Our ski travel insurance has been carefully created by experts who understand the intricacies and requirements of the sport. This means that you can hit the slopes with peace of mind that whatever the weather, you’re fully protected.

Why do I need a ski travel insurance policy?

Ski travel insurance will cover you for the unique risks associated with skiing and other winter sports that are not usually covered under a standard travel insurance policy. For example; piste closures, theft, loss or damage of ski equipment and lost ski passes. A ski travel insurance policy will also cover you for any emergency medical treatment needed following an accident or injury while undertaking a winter sport.

This cover is usually available as a winter sport extension to a standard travel insurance policy, which will cover you for cancellation, personal possession and emergency medical expenses not related to winter sports.

At DOGTAG, our winter sports extension is automatically added to your travel insurance policy once you input the winter sports activities you will be participating in during your trip.

Benefits of DOGTAG’s standard ski travel Insurance

  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance team
  • Covid cover available¹
  • Cover for up to £10 million for emergency medical expenses if required, including repatriation where necessary
  • Cover for your equipment and your apparel included within the relevant optional extension
  • Policies developed by enthusiasts, professionals, and experts in the sports we cover – we don’t just insure it, we actually do it
  • Plus, much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ski travel insurance?

The price of a ski travel insurance policy will vary for each person depending on several factors. The type of skiing you will be taking part in, the destination you are travelling to, the duration of your trip and your overall health are all taken into account.

For example, if you are only skiing on-piste during your trip, which requires our ‘Sport’ policy, there is less of a risk than if you were to be participating in heli-skiing or ski race training, which requires our ‘Extreme’ level of cover.

We mentioned above that your overall health may also influence the price of ski travel insurance policy. That being said, it is important to declare any medical conditions you have, as failure to do so could result in a claim being declined, should your condition be linked or related to your claim.

It’s easy to protect your ski break with DOGTAG – and you can add on additional cover for more extreme ski activities too. All you have to do is select the activities you plan on taking part in on your ski break (if any) when taking out a quote, choose the policy most suited to your needs (remember to check the policy you pick offers enough cancellation cover to match your getaway) and confirm the winter sports policy extension has been selected to get the enhanced protection.

When should my ski travel insurance start?

In an ideal world, your ski travel insurance protection should start as soon as you’ve booked your holiday. That way, should anything unexpected happen before you leave for your ski break, you’ll be covered, provided the reason for cancellation is included in your policy cover.

Does a ski travel insurance policy cover adverse weather conditions?

Yes. We know that a lack of snow (or even too much snow) on the mountains can make it impossible to hit the slopes, that’s why our specialist winter sports extension offers cover against adverse weather conditions – simply add this extension on to your DOGTAG policy.

Is there an age limit on ski travel policies?

Yes. Our policies cover skiers and winter sports enthusiasts aged up to 69 years old. There may, however, be some age limits on some of the riskier winter sports activities – but please do get in touch with team if you have any concerns and they’ll be happy to help.

Can I buy ski cover with a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, in most cases. Let’s be honest, having a medical condition that is well-managed and under control shouldn’t prevent you from hitting the slopes. That’s why we consider cover for most medical conditions.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about any medical conditions you have during the process and where possible, we’ll provide the policies most suitable to you, based on your answers. You can also give our team a call, if you’d prefer to chat through your conditions over the phone instead. 

It goes without saying that it is essential that you declare any medical conditions you have. This is because should you later need to submit a claim that is found to be linked to an existing condition, you may not be covered.

Does ski travel insurance include cover for Covid?

Yes. All of our standard DOGTAG policies include protection against Covid-19 if you test positive for Covid-19 up to 14 days before your departure date and can no longer go on your trip. They also offer cover for emergency medical costs should you fall ill with Covid-19 during your trip and need medical assistance, offering that extra peace of mind.

There’s also the option to buy a Covid-19 extension to add-on to your existing policy. The Covid-19 extension offers a broader variety of cover against Covid-19 including cover for self-isolation should you be confined to your accommodation with Covid-19 while away, delayed PCR test result coverage and cover for localised lockdowns, as a few examples. But don’t take our word for it – check out our Covid-19 extension and see it for yourself!

Does ski travel insurance cover you for off-piste skiing?

Yes – off-piste skiing is covered under our winter sports extension policy. Simply make sure you’ve got our winter sports extension added to your policy before you check out and you’re covered to ski off-piste.

What isn’t covered by ski holiday insurance?

At DOGTAG, we provide cover for most extreme skiing activities. However, riskier skiing activities are usually not covered under our standard ‘Sports’ range and therefore you may need to upgrade your protection in order to participate in more daring ventures. For example, we can provide cover for ski snow-catting under our ‘Sports Plus’ range, heli-skiing under our ‘Extreme’ range and ski-stunting under our ‘Extreme Plus’ range. Just make sure you let us know what activities you plan on getting involved with during the quote process and we can advise which policies may be most suited to your trip.

Does ski insurance cover my skiing equipment?

Yes! Our winter sports extension provides specialist cover that will protect your equipment should it become lost, stolen or damaged. It also covers equipment hire if your luggage is lost or delayed on the outbound journey.

¹Coronavirus cover includes cover if you need to cancel within 14 days of your trip or curtail your trip early as a result of a positive COVID test, and cover for medical expenses related to a coronavirus diagnosis during your trip. Any further cover can be purchased within the optional COVID-19 Extension. More information can be found here.