DOGTAG Annual Travel Insurance

If you travel abroad on a regular basis, whether it’s for business, pleasure or a combination of both, going for an Annual Multi-trip travel insurance policy almost always represents better value than buying a new Single Trip policy every time you travel.

A Dogtag Annual travel insurance policy will offer you cover for as many foreign trips of up to 31 days per trip that you can fit into your year and you can also upgrade so that your maximum trip duration is 62 days, perfect if you own a holiday home in St Moritz and want to ski get out of the British winter weather for a couple of months!

And there’s another clue about the value of an Annual Travel Insurance policy: flexibility; you can simply get up and go – to wherever you want (in Europe or even Worldwide), whenever you want and with DOGTAG’s ability to provide insurance cover for just about every sport you can think of, you can be prepared for every foreign eventuality whether it’s an extreme sport or an intense business trip.

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