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You'll find the phone number below but why not email us?

We try to answer the phone within a minute or so but if we're busy, why not email us? You won't be hanging on the line and we can answer your questions more thoroughly. We try to answer all emails within a day. Or, for easy access to information, why not:
  • Try our FAQs page. Past experience has made it easy to anticipate virtually all of the questions that customers are likely to ask. Everything is in logical topics making it easy to find the right answer. A quick look in FAQs may answer questions you hadn't even thought of yet.
  • Try our COVER DETAILS PAGE which provides a summary table of the cover levels on offer access to our Downloads Zone where you can download the full policy small print.
  • Try our SPORTS INFORMATION LIBRARY where we have pages dedicated to those sports about which we get asked the most.
  • Try SEARCHING for your topic. Click the  search icon 🔎 on the top right of this page.

Sales Enquiries & Customer Service

Dogtag's Quote system is the easiest on the market and all the information you should need is available in FAQSports or Cover. Give it a go. However, if you still want to contact us you can message us HERE.

Medical Declaration

If you wish to declare an existing medical condition on line, click HERE to vist our dedicated on-line service. Some conditions may incur a charge additional to and separate from the cost of your travel insurance. These charges are usually fairly small and are designed to accomodate the additional travel risk that some medical conditions present.

When you have completed your medical declaration you will be given a reference number. If you have yet to buy your Dogtag travel insurance you can enter this number as you go through the purchase process.  If you have already bought, you can have this number added to your file by a member of the call centre staff on 0800 0 364 824.

Please note, as described above, Medical declaration charges are in addition to your travel insurance costs. and even though you may have made a payment, this is not the payment for your travel insurance which must still be bought on line.

Emergency Assistance

We can help you in the case of a medical emergency but the more information you can give us, the better. We'll probably ask you for some information about you, your home address and, if you have it handy, your policy number. It's a good idea to store your policy number in your mobile phone. We can also help you if you have your Dogtag on you and can give us your Dogtag number.

For more information, please visit our 24/7 Emergency Assistance page

  • Calling from abroad: +44 333 0000 112
  • Calling from the UK: 0333 0000 112


For detailed information about making a claim, go to our CLAIMS page by clicking HERE.


Please go HERE for full information on how to make a complaint.