What's Dogtag for Snowsport England all about?

DOGTAG for Snowsport England is the new shape of Snowsport England Travel Insurance. The Snowsport England Travel Insurance program has been running since 2011 and has been very successful to the extent that it's now too extensive for Snowsport England to manage. Also, the program needed extensive remodelling to keep up with insurance trends and customer needs and we think that an altogether broader, more flexible offering could be brought to members by moving the program under the umbrella of the original program managers, DOGTAG.

So what do you get that you didn't get before?

DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance is more than just travel insurance. Uniquely, we issue every insured person a personalised stainless steel Dogtag which could be vital in an emergency. It carries:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Information - you'll always have emergency contact numbers on you when you travel.
  • Your name and your unique Dogtag identity number - this means you can easily identify yourself if you need to call us and it also means you don't need to go looking for paperwork.Some description
  • Travel with added safety:
    The Dogtag Emergency Web Address & Phone Number
     enables a medic treating you to log into your personal read-only emergency page and find important information which you have on display. This can:
    • prove you have current insurance
    • display your next of kin's contact details
    • your doctor's contact details
    • show vital medical information such as your blood type, previous medical history or current medication.
  • Sport Cover: Dogtag aims to offer the clearest sports list with an easy-to-use sports selector so that you can ensure you select cover appropriate for your needs.

All of this is unique to Dogtag, it can prove vital in an emergency.

What else?

You can fine tune your cover for only those things that you need while working or taking a training course abroad:

  • Alpine Ski Course Leader (ASCL)
  • Level 1 Candidate Instructors
  • Level 1 Instructor Award
  • Level 2 Instructor Award
  • Level 3 Coach Award
  • Level 4 Coach Award