Storm Chasing Travel Insurance

Storm Chasing InsuranceA year or so ago we were asked if we'd provide Storm Chasing travel insurance. At the time, we'd never even thought about it but when we looked into it, we couldn't see why not; it looks very exciting and just the sort of crazy thing that DOGTAG's customers get up to. In fact, we wouldn't mind trying it ourselves- if somebody held our hand.

So when the first person ever to enquire dropped us a line, we approached our underwriters (fat guys with big cigars and red braces) and to our surprise they said yeah, ok, rate it Sport+ (rather than Sport or Extreme). Basically, we'd managed to persuade them that although they instinctively thought storm chasing was crazy, it's not totally crazy.

If you need cover for storm chasing just go for a quote and be sure to select Sport+ when you go through the application process.

Note! Storm Chasing Travel Insurance Cover Restriction

Now, underwriters are crafty people and they've spotted that storm chasers are likely to get caught in rough weather - and so is their kit. So with storm chasing travel insurance there is no cover for loss or damage due to atmospheric conditions. This means that if say, your hat blows away or you camera gets soaked or your camera blows away and your hat gets sucked into a tornado while you're storm chasing, that's your look-out. But don't worry, they're still covered under other circumstances.

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