Search & Rescue

DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance includes search and rescue as standard and is part of your Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses 

Search and Rescue is only covered where an evacuation is necessary for emergency medical reasons. Furthermore, there are exceptions in terms of destination or locale where we will not cover search and rescue. Certain parts of the globe are so remote that costs of an evacuation might outrun the cover limits available. An example of areas where search and rescue would be prohibitively expensive might be say, the Southern Ocean or the Antarctic Ice Cap.

I thought travel insurance picked up all of that!

The main purpose of travel insurance is to provide protection for your trip costs before you leave and also to make sure that if you have an accident or become unwell then your medical costs are covered. Our premiums are not set to cater for the massive cost of evacuation from extremely remote areas and to do so would massively increase premiums overall. Effectively, we would be unable to provide any cover for any venture into remote areas if we had to underwrite the potentially huge cost of evacuation from very remote areas.

What's the solution?
In order to be able to provide emergency medical and every other aspect of cover for your venture into these kinds of areas we have come up with what we think is a fair solution. For ventures into very remote areas or for undertaking certain activities or sport, you will need to acquire additional S&R cover from a 3rd party. This is mandatory and you should check the list below to see if you'll need it. As likely as not, you will have been directed to this page by one of our consultants so even if you can't see your territory or activity listed here, you're still going to need to acquire 3rd-party S&R.

Blimey! what about the cost?

If we held the cost of 3rd-party S&R up to the light against the overall cost of an adventure into say, the  the Yukon (probably several grande) or Everest Base Camp, then it doesn't seem like a lot. A year's membership of a Worldwide Search & Rescue organisation like Global Rescue can be a fraction of the whole cost of getting there - and Global Rescue lifted people out of that area after the earthquake of 2015. All you need apart from that is a GPS device like a Spot or an Iridium - you can get these from the likes of Amazon.

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In order to facilitate this if you haven't encountered a 3rd party organisation before, many of our customers have used Global Rescue who can provide Worldwide Search and Rescue for the above sort of cost. However, you can run with any 3rd -party S&R organisation that you choose as long as you have cover in place.

Belt and Braces
The beauty of this is that you can get yourself searched and rescued regardless of the reason - remember, travel insurance only covers evacuation in a medical emergency. So if a grizzly bear chases you up tree or you break a mast in the middle of the Pacific then the cost of rescue is still covered - and with your GPS locator, they'll be able to find you. Remember, even near civilisation, travel insurance would only cover you for S&R costs if the bear bites your leg off or the boat's mast falls on your head!

What about Security Rescue as well as Medical Rescue?

Global Rescue also provide a membership which includes security & extraction services in the event of natural disaster, terrorism or civil unrest. It's a little bit more but if you're venturing into a 3rd world area where things might be perfect one day and then kick off the next, it's a good idea to be able to get out quickly.

So who have we insured that's had 3rd-party S&R cover?

  • Jock Wishart's Row To The Pole
  • Several trans-Greenland jaunts
  • The British Army
  • Round the world yachtsmen
  • Ranulph Fiennes
  • Trans-Asia cyclists
  • and many more


You can find some other useful information regarding sports that we cover in our Sports Information Library.

Dave Rice, DOGTAG

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