Sailing & Offshore Sailing Travel Insurance

Sailing trips can be one of the most exciting tours you can go on, giving you the freedom to explore the ocean and see what the coastlines of the world have to offer. Seriously, what better way to get the adrenaline pumping than on a sailing holiday?

So, if you’re embarking on a sailing experience either offshore or inshore, then we’ve got the cover for you.

Some of the cover available to you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses including bringing you home if it is medically necessary or essential
  • Personal Liability cover if someone else gets injured
  • Cancellation cover
  • Cover for your personal belongings
  • Search & rescue cover
  • Cover for racing, crewing and recreational sailing
  • Cover for re-joining your boat in the event of illness or injury
  • Plus, cover for specialist sailing gear

What are the benefits of Sailing & Offshore Sailing Travel Insurance?

Our specialist Sailing Travel Insurance protection was designed with input from the sailing community to make sure it covered all of the essentials for a successful trip out at sea. It is the ultimate sailing travel insurance policy – designed by sailors, for sailors, because that’s what we do.

However, most will know that there are certain risks that come with unique waterborne sports, such as sailing. So, in true sportsmanship, it is essential that anyone embarking on a sailing trip fully protects both themselves and their equipment with suitable Sailing Travel Insurance.

Sailing Travel Insurance will provide protection in the event of accidents, injuries or damage to specialist equipment as well as all the other benefits you get with a standard travel insurance policy. Plus, the specialist sailing cover offers peace of mind that should you need to be rescued out at sea, you’re protected to. And – not to be a downer – it covers for racing as well!

What do you define as ‘Offshore’ Sailing?

At Dogtag, we define Offshore as sailing that takes place 12 miles or more from the coastline.

What do you define as ‘Inshore’ Sailing?

At Dogtag, we fine Inshore as sailing that takes place within 12 miles of the coastline or in inland waterways.

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