Roller Derby Travel Insurance

A year or two ago we were asked if we’d cover a sport called ‘Roller Derby’. We thought it sounded pretty wild at first but hey, if that’s what DOGTAG customers want for cover, then we’ll do our very best to protect them!

Roller Derby started in the USA and remains the most popular country world for the sport. So, if you’re headed to America to get your fix, make sure you have suitable Roller Derby travel insurance and the right safety equipment.

Roller Derby is rated as a Sport +, meaning that we think it’s a little crazy but not totally crazy.

Some of the cover available to you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses including bringing you home if it is medically necessary or essential
  • Automatic policy extension if you can’t travel home as planned
  • Cover for lost or stolen baggage
  • Gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones covered as standard
  • Worldwide, European and UK cover, provided you do not travel against the FCDO* advice

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance That Covers Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a full contact sport, so there is a risk that team members could get injured. Most standard travel insurance policies do not provide cover for taking part in a contact sport.

For this reason, it is important to have specific Roller Derby travel insurance, as accidents do happen and if anyone sustains an injury while taking part, they’ll be covered.

What Am I Covered for Under Roller Derby Travel Insurance?

Roller Derby offers the standard cover you would expect from a travel insurance policy. For example, cover for cancellation, trip disruption, lost baggage and emergency medical expenses. However, this policy also provides protection against the extra risks associated with taking part in a full contact sport like Roller Derby.

Can I Get Cover for My Group Under Roller Derby Travel Insurance?

Of course! Whether you’re looking for individual or group protection, we have a policy that will suit your trip.

A group travel insurance policy is ideal if a Roller Derby team are travelling together. By having a whole team under one policy means that one person can check that the cover is suitable for the trip and all travel peace of mind that everyone is protected under the same policy.

If I Get a Group Roller Derby Travel Insurance, How Much Is Each Person Insured For?

The amount of cover detailed in a Roller Derby policy is applied to each individual person covered by the policy. If you have any concerns about the cover limits included in a policy, feel free to get in touch with our team who are happy to help!

Which Is the Best Travel Insurance Cover for Roller Derby?

To make sure you have the appropriate travel insurance cover for Roller Derby, please select the DOGTAG Sport + cover when purchasing your policy.

*Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office