Paramotoring & Paragliding Insurance

Some descriptionTravel insurance for just about every sport you can think of… including Paramotoring and Paragliding

DOGTAG has gained a reputation for our willingness to cover a whole range of sports and activities from the mundane to the extreme, including Paramotoring & Paragliding.

It’s why DOGTAG is the default travel insurer for people who take their travel and their safety seriously.

DOGTAG Travel Insurance

If Paramotoring or Paragliding is part of your holiday itinerary be sure to select a Super Extreme policy on your way through the quote application process. Other than that there’s nothing else to do, you’re covered for Paramotoring or Paragliding as well as all of the other sports listed in the Sports List – except winter sports, which will require the Winter Sports upgrade.

Cover Restrictions

As with a few other sports, there are restrictions on the cover. With Paramotoring and Paragliding, you are required to wear all relevant protective/safety equipment and there’s no cover for Personal Accident and Personal Liability.

Why is this and what does it mean?

Personal Accident cover

With some sports (another example is motorcycling or ice climbing) the fact that you are deliberately exposing yourself to the danger of permanent disability means that underwriters withdraw the compensation for a death or permanent disability benefit following an accident while participating in the relevant activity.

However, this does not mean that your Emergency Medical Treatment cover is affected – you’ll still be covered for your medical costs, you just won’t be compensated for any disability that results from your injury.

Personal Liability

Likewise, because some sports have a high dependency upon the inter-dependability of participants, one person’s mistake can have a knock-on effect that can injure other people or their property – and afterwards, who’s to know who’s fault it really was? This is why Personal Liability cover is removed.

You can find some other useful information regarding sports that we cover in our Sports Information Library.


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