Kalahari Augrabies Ultra Marathon Insurance

Kalahari Augrabies & Ultra Marathon Insurance

At Dogtag, we receive a lot of   enquiries about travel insurance for Ultra Marathons such as the Kalahari Augrabies, the Jungle Marathon or the Marathon des Sables.

These extreme endurance events generate more interest than just about any other  sporting activity. So, we hope that this page answers any questions you have (or even some that you may not have even thought out!). And, if there’s anything we’ve missed, then just let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Some of the cover available to you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses including bringing you home if it is medically necessary or essential
  • Automatic policy extension if you cannot travel home as planned due reasons covered by the policy.
  • Cover for lost or stolen baggage
  • Worldwide, European and UK cover, provided you do not travel against the FCDO* advice
  • Plus much more!

Can I Get Cover for My Group Under Kalahari Augrabies Travel Insurance?

Yes! Whether you’re looking for individual or group protection, we have a policy that will suit your trip.

A group travel insurance policy can be beneficial if there is two or more of you travelling together to compete in the same competition. Having a whole team under one policy means that one person can check that the cover is suitable for the trip and all travel peace of mind that everyone is protected under the same policy.

If I Get a Group Travel Insurance, How Much Is Each Person Insured For?

The amount of cover detailed in a Kalahari Augrabies policy is applied to each individual person covered by the policy.

If you have any concerns about the cover limits included in a policy, feel free to get in touch with our team who are happy to help!

Do You Cover Many People Competing In Kalahari Augrabies Events?

Providing Kalahari Augrabies travel insurance is a regular for us and many of the competitors each year will be covered by Dogtag.

In all honestly, the first ultra-event that we got asked to provide cover for was the Marathon Des Sables. However, other fast-growing events like the UTMBKalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon and, of course, extreme endurance events like Iron Man and Tough Mudder have become more and more popular over the years – which is why we offer this cover!

What Travel Insurance Should I Buy If I am Doing More Than One Ultra Marathon In A Year?

If you plan to participate in more than one extreme endurance event in the year, then we would recommend taking out an Annual Multi-trip policy as it will work out better value than purchasing multiple Single Trip policies.

What Happens If I get Injured Before The Event And Cannot Go?

Getting injured before an event can often be a major area of concern for those taking part in extreme marathons – especially if the injury forces you to cancel your trip completely.

In the event that you have to pull out of a sporting competition or event due to an injury, you can submit a claim for consideration. All claims are assessed on an individual basis, meaning no two claims are the same.

However, it’s worth being aware that before you enter into a ultra-marathon, you will be required to pass a fitness test to ensure that you are fit enough to take part. That being said, if you do not pass the test, you will not be able to take part in the race.

When    Does Cancellation Cover Start for A Kalahari Augrabies Travel Insurance Policy? If you buy a Single Trip policy you are covered for cancellation at the point of purchase, regardless of the travel dates. For example, if you are travelling in November and purchase your single trip in April, you are automatically covered for the cost of cancellation from April until your departure date.

If you go for an Annual Multi-trip policy, cancellation cover does not start until the policy that you have purchased becomes live. For example, if you purchase your policy on the 1st May and your policy does not have the start date until the 10th May, you are not insured for cancellation until the start date of your policy. We recommend that you start your cover as close to the purchase date as possible for extra protection against any unexpected events.

Will I Be Covered if I Have A Medical Condition?

You must tell us if you have a medical condition, even if you think that it is minor.

Failure to declare a medical condition could lead to a claim being refused if it is found to be related to an existing condition. If you have any concerns over what is classed as a medical condition, or if you just want to trying a couple of things by us for peace of mind, please do get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

*Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office