Heli-Skiing Insurance

Heli-skiing (also known as helicopter skiing), is something many avid skiers dream of.

Let’s be honest, nothing quite says freedom like going off-piste and enjoying fresh, untouched snow. Helicopter skiing offers access to remote terrain and blissfully long runs and days where you can notch up a vertical total that you could never manage in a resort.

So, if you’re planning heli-skiing on your next break, then make sure you protect your trip with the right travel insurance. Why not check out what our Heli-Skiing Travel Insurance policy has to offer below?

What Is Heli-Skiing Travel Insurance Cover?

Here at Dogtag, our annual multi-trip travel insurance and Single trip policies will cover you for most types of skiing within the resort by default – as long as you select the Winter Sports policy upon check out.

However, we rate everything by risk. So, if you check our Sports List you’ll see that heli-skiing insurance is listed under Extreme. This is because heli-skiing carries a higher risk than ordinary in-resort skiing on the marked trails. For this reason, if you want to go helicopter skiing or snowboarding, you’ll need to choose a DOGTAG Extreme policy as well as a winter sports add-on.

It seems like a faff but at least you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you have the right cover to participate in the things you love doing the most.

Do I Need a Single Trip Or Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy?

If you plan to take more than one holiday this year, then we recommend that you consider taking out a multi-trip policy. Multi-trip policies provide better value if you are going on more than one trip in a space of 12 months. You can go on as many trips as you like, so long as the country you are travelling to is covered within your policy and you keep within the selected trip limit.

Single trip policies can also be beneficial if you are going on a one-off trip or even one big family holiday.

What Else Is Included In Heli-Skiing Travel Insurance?

Dogtag offers up to £10 million worth of emergency medical expenses. This also includes cover for repatriation if it is deemed medically necessary.

When it comes to heli-skiing travel insurance, it’s important to consider about the cost of your trip when taking out a policy. Heli-skiing can be an expensive activity to take part in on holiday, so it is wise to check the levels of cancellation cover included in the policy to make sure that they match your trip cost. You can see the different levels of cancellation we offer by visiting our Cover page.

Is There Anything I Should Know Before Going Heli-Skiing in Terms Of Equipment, Fitness and Safety?

Yes, there are a couple of things to be aware of. Not only should your equipment be in shape, but so should you. You need to be fit enough to undertake the physical exertion required at high altitude where breathing is a much greater challenge. A high level of physical fitness will certainly help with your transposition to the high-altitude environment but more to the point, it will help you enjoy your holiday even more.

More importantly, failure to declare any medical conditions, such as asthma, that could affect you and your trip could lead to a claim being declined. So, if you do have any medical conditions, then you must declare them to us at quote stage.

It’s also important to know that failure to protect yourself e.g. by wearing a helmet, could also affect a claim if you found to have not followed instruction. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the necessary safety requirements and if you are unsure then please do ask.