Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance policies are an easy way of making sure a whole bunch of people are all protected under one policy – perfect if you’re travelling as a team, sports group or bunch of enthusiast’s keen enough to go abroad together!

So, whether you’re travelling abroad as part of a stag or hen-do, a school, a sports team, or simply with a few mates for a weekend away, if there’s a crowd of you, then a Group Travel insurance policy may just be the policy for you.

Some of the cover available to you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses including bringing you home if it is medically necessary or essential
  • Personal Liability cover if someone else gets injured
  • Cancellation cover
  • Cover for your personal belongings
  • Worldwide, European and UK cover, provided you do not travel against the *FCDO advice

What are the benefits of a Group Travel Insurance policy?

Group Travel Insurance policies can save a lot of time if there’s a bunch of you travelling altogether.

Think about it. It’s a little unfair to ask one person to be responsible for making sure the whole group has proper travel insurance protection (although there’s always one, isn’t there?!). With a Group Travel Insurance policy, we take care of the nitty-gritty details. All you need to do is transfer the names, dates of birth and as many other bits of information from your own club spreadsheet, let us know which level of cover your group needs, pop down a card to make the payment on, and we’ll complete the rest.

You don’t even have to have everybody’s address; we can assign cover and deliver everybody’s pack to one address for the group leader to distribute. After that, each person can log in and update their policy with their own home address and other personal details. Simple!

Can I buy my own separate Dogtag policy if I am travelling with a group?

Of course! If it’s easier for everyone in your travelling party to sort own their own DOGTAG travel insurance policy, we can simply issue one member with a Group discount code which can be distributed to the rest of the team and everyone can go online and buy their own protection.

This can sometimes be the easier option if you or any of your group members have medical conditions that they need to declare.

What am I covered for under a Group Travel Insurance policy?

DOGTAG Group Travel Insurance policies offer the same protection as all standard DOGTAG policies. For example, cover for trip cancellation, personal belongings, and emergency medical expenses. The only difference is that all group members can be listed under one policy, instead of having to arrange separate ones for each travelling member.

Now, it’s always worth double checking that the level of cancellation cover offered in the Group Travel Insurance policy is suitable for the trip you are going on. And if you plan to get involved in any sporting activities or need extra cover for certain pieces of equipment, that you make sure that cover is included in the policy as standard or that you upgrade your policy to make sure you’re fully protected.

Can I still buy a Group Travel Insurance policy if there’s only a couple of us travelling?

Of course! As long as you’re not a family or a couple, you can still buy a Group Travel Insurance policy. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

*Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office