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DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance is pleased to welcome Salty Dog customers.

Here we can offer insurance for game fishermen and women, holiday makers and travellers from almost anywhere to anywhere on the globe.

Just click the red button below to go for a quote and select "Fishing' as your sport cover level.

Here's a Sensible Suggestion!
If you're likely to take more than one foreign trip during the year then it's probably better value to take an Annual Multi-trip policy - make your Blue cucumber discount work harder for you!

Already a DOGTAG member? After you've hit the red Discount Quote button, don't forget to log in using your Tag Number and Password. Don't worry, you'll still get your discount.

If you're looking for help with group or team insurance, just call us on 0800 036 4824 and we'll see what we can do.

Have a great trip!,

The Dogtag team.