DOGTAG Welcomes Polka Dot Cycling Customers

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This discount facility is for the exclusive use of Polka Dot Cycling customers.

At Dogtag we're very happy to be associated with other leading brands and as a Polka Dot customer, we're very happy to offer you a discount.

You can access your Dogtag Polka Dot discount simply by clicking the "Discount Quote" button below. When you get a quote, you'll see your GRD discount price beside the normal price.

Sensible Suggestion!
If you're likely to take more than one foreign trip during the year then it's probably better value to take anAnnual Multi-trip policy - make your Polka Dot discount work harder for you!

Already a DOGTAG member? After you've hit the red Discount Quote button, don't forget to log in using your Tag Number and Password. Don't worry, you'll still get your discount.

Have a great trip and ehm, knock 'em flying.

The Dogtag team.