Races You Really Need To Run

Part of the joy of running is deciding which challenge to set yourself next. The normal way to progress is to start ticking off UK-based distance races and then look a little further for your next dream challenge. Here we look at some of the magnificent races around the globe that can provide the ultimate high for distance runners. We’ve started off with the heavyweight UK races, then looked at European races and then global races. This article’s a little longer than usual. But you endurance types will love that. Sorry, puns. Moving on…

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A Double Extreme Marathon in Namibia then Mongolia

Earlier this year Audrey completed a double extreme marathon event in the Namibian desert in +36 degrees celsius, and a week later in the Mongolian steppe in -32 degrees. It's a testament to her mental grit, physical fitness, and her 'throw yourself in there' attitude to adventure. Read how she got on! 

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15 Outdoor Challenges for 2017

If there’s one way to counteract the festive food coma and January slump it’s an extreme outdoor challenge. But with so many on offer where do you choose to test your mettle and battle against the elements? Lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of fifteen outdoor challenges for 2017 that will let you leave your comfort zone miles behind you - literally.

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My Antarctic Odyssey

In November 2013 I ran the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic 100km Ultra-Marathon and became the first Scot to do the double event. It was also my first taste of full-on adventure racing. It was an amazing and life changing experience and I loved every gruelling minute of it. 

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The Volcano Marathon is organised by Richard Donovan, (Polar Running Adventures), and is located in the Atacama Desert at an altitude of 4,500m and in temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees. The majority of the route is between 3,800m and 4,200m and drops to 3,600m for the finish. The 2014 race was the 2nd edition and 24 runners took part.

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