The Scenic Trail in Ticino Switzerland - Jon Baguley - Dogtag Blogger

Three years ago in 2015, I ran my first ever mountain ultra-marathon. It was the 54km route at the Scenic Trail in Ticino Switzerland, and at that time, is was the second hardest race (behind Ironman Wales) I had ever done. It took about 9 hours in hot and humid conditions, and I distinctly remember finishing the race and saying to myself “never again”. Well, not necessarily never again (we all know how that works out), but certainly not for a while. I also vividly saying to my friends and family that I had absolutely no desire whatsoever in running twice that distance. No way mate.

Fast forward to June 2018, I’m back in the same village where it all began; Tesserete in Ticino.

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The Peruvian Desert - Amy Dyduch - Dogtag Blogger

Whizzing through the Peruvian desert in a sand buggy isn’t your average Wednesday. And being pushed down a massive dune clinging onto a sandboard for dear life is pretty out of the ordinary too.

Welcome to Huacachina, a tiny village that circles a desert oasis, in the south of Peru.  

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A Dram of Islay - Dave Somerset - Dogtag Blogger

The tone of the trip was a little different to the one in the summer where I tested Agnes out on a long drive to the Alps. It was there we hit a great balance between family fun and gnarr.

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Grand Raid des Bogomiles - Audrey McIntosh - Dogtag Blogger

Do I get the prize for the most amusing race name? You have to admit that coming from a country where the word ‘boggin’ is common parlance and where you frequently run through miles of bog it has a certain amusement value.

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Trekking Colombia - Amy Dyduch - Dogtag Blogger

Crawling out of my tent to vomit on a pristine beach in one of Colombia’s protected national parks, is not how I pictured my travels. Having trekked in the Himalayas, Ben Nevis and the Alps, I thought I was a fairly adequate hiker. As it turns out, my English rose of a body doesn’t do well in the heat and humidity of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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