Dogtag Supports Successful Mission Himalaya Summit 2018

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Dogtag was proud to support a successful summit by the Mission Himalaya team who successfully reached the summit of Mera Peak on 11th November, #RemembranceSunday, marking the end of the First World War and honouring all those who served, sacrificed and changed our world. The team was made up of serving WIS and veterans who have all received support from the legions Battle Back Centre, a leading centre for the recovery and physical and mental wellbeing of both serving WIS and veterans.

Good on 'em. What an achievement. Those eagle-eyed readers may even see a Dogtag doofur or two on display. 


If you would like to read up on how the team got on as they trekked through the Himalaya you can do so in a variety of ways:


- Becky's blog:

- Will's blog:

RBL website


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