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A Dram of Islay - Dave Somerset - Dogtag Blogger

Dogtag Blogger Dave Somerset reports a recent family adventure to Islay - a truly beautiful island of the inner Hebrides.


A Dram of Islay - Dave Somerset - Dogtag Blogger from Dogtag Travel Insurance on Vimeo.

Islay is a truly beautiful Island. An inner Hebridean gem just off the coast of West Scotland with Jura a stones throw away. It’s really hard to put my thumb on exactly where Isla reminded me of. In fact, the scenery changes so quickly in such a small space, you could be on a white sandy beach one minute and a peat bog the next. One road I ran along looked like Dartmoor on one side and the lake district on the other!

The tone of the trip was a little different to the one in the summer where I tested Agnes out on a long drive to the Alps. It was there we hit a great balance between family fun and gnarr.

This time the trip was focused around hiking and family. I still managed to get onto 9ft surf in my kayak! and spied on some curious seals. The trip was filled with stunning walk after stunning walk, Agnes in tow all the way. Plus some others too!

Take a look at my video to get a real feel of the beauty of this place!

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