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We do Sports Insurance and we've been insuring adventure travellers since 1999. In fact, it was Dogtag that created the original BASI Insurance program.

So why the change?
Two reasons: first of all, running an insurance program is not exactly BASI’s core business and secondly, the underwriters of the original program were no longer able to continue to provide cover in that form – it was losing money. So Dogtag has worked with BASI and underwriters to provide an updated cover program that still caters for the needs of professional instructors and provides value for money.

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WHAT'S NEWWhen you buy Dogtag for BASI

It was time for a change so that the shape of the BASI insurance program not only suited BASI members’ needs but which could offer some resilience into the future. One thing that had to change was the ‘seasonaire’ cover of 180-day trip duration in the Annual product. This was an industry unique to the old BASi program and it had to change. Happily we’re still able to offer ‘seasonaire’ cover under the Single Trip program. And if you need to do two contiguous seasons abroad – simple, at the end of your winter season, simply renew your cover.

What else?
We think that we still offer great value for money with £5 million of Emergency Medical cover starting at a couple of Euros a day.

Why choose Us?

WHY IT MAKES SENSEEverywhere you go

Both the old program and the new DOGTAG for BASI program offered several features which are unavailable in other so-called ‘seasonaire’ programs. For a start, we give you cover features which are not on offer elsewhere while working as a snowsports professional, Personal Liability and Personal accident cover to name just two. Also, we’ve worked closely with BASI to clearly define elements of BASI activity within our Activity/Sports list so that you can be sure you have the right cover:

  • Coaching Course
  • Ski Alpine Courses - Eurotest etc
  • Adaptive/Disabled Course
  • Alpine Course
  • Course - Performance Training
  • In-service Course
  • Mountain Safety course
  • Nordic Ski Course
  • Teaching On Snow Or Artificial Slope
  • Ski Instructor Course (Residential Beginner)

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